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Format: On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Dr. Irina Koyfman, DNP, NP-C, RN
Time: You can access the webinar anytime
Duration: 60 minutes
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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs are becoming increasingly popular, supported by growing clinical evidence and financial benefits to providers. Simply put, Remote Patient Monitoring is a Medicare-covered service that involves the collection and analysis of patient physiologic data in real-time. Clinic staff can remotely monitor patients in between office visits. This virtual and real-time monitoring enables providers to truly meet the needs of their patients and provide timely care. Multiple studies have demonstrated improved patient outcomes and increased compliance while reducing hospital admission and readmissions. Providers also benefit financially as this is a well-reimbursed service.

RPM uptake among providers has been rapid, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic and limited in-person care. RPM companies have been coming to marker weekly if not daily in the past 12 months. However, there is a lot of information providers need to know before contracting with the RPM vendor to be compliant. After all, the billing is done under the provider and the provider will be the one audited.

Learning Objectives

  • Review CMS’s RPM requirements
  • Examine the Scope of Services required to bill Medicare for RPM services
  • Identify how RPM can close care gaps and engage patients
  • Assess the financial and quality implications of incorporating RPM in your practice
  • Understand new changes for 2024
  • Know what services will be continued and what will be discontinued

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Review CMS’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program
  • Examine Scope of Services required to bill for RPM
  • Identify how RPM can close care gaps and engage patients
  • Assess financial and quality implications of incorporating RPM in your practice
  • Sobering Statistics
  • What best describes you?
  • History of Remote Management
  • Remote Physiological Monitoring vs. Remote Patient Monitoring
  • What is RPM?
  • RPM Workflow
  • Requirements of successful RPM program
  • Consent
  • Example of Consent Template
  • Medical Necessity
  • Example of Order/ Documentation
  • Who can bill for RPM?
  • Who can NOT bill for RPM?
  • CPT 99453- Service Initiation
  • CPT 99454- Data Transmission
  • CPT 99457- Treatment Management
  • Who can you outsource RPM?
  • Interactive Communication
  • CPT 99458- Treatment Management
  • Conversion Factor 2024
  • Benefits of Implementing RPM
  • Other Benefits
  • FQHC and RHC
  • Reimbursement Opportunities
  • Programs with No Change in 2024
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Principal Care Management
  • Reduction in Reimbursement

Suggested Attendees

  • Healthcare Provider
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • C-Suite Healthcare Executives
  • Population Health Officers
  • Innovation officers
  • CNO/ CMO
  • Coders
  • Billers
  • PCP (MD, NP, PA)
  • Specialists (MD, NP, PA)
  • Nurse Managers

About the Presenter

Dr. Koyfman is a Nurse Practitioner and a Doctor of Nursing Practice with 25 years of nursing and 15 years of executive experience. Dr. Koyfman is an expert in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Home Health, Healthcare Start-ups, Transitional Care, Community Health, Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), and Care Coordination. Dr. Koyfman is a dedicated and enthusiastic clinician with an entrepreneurial drive. She has a history of establishing 4 successful healthcare ventures, where she drove significant operational growth (up to1,000%), built successful teams with high retention rates, and improved patient satisfaction and patient outcomes. She is a Subject Matter Expert in CCM and RPM, making her a frequent presenter at multiple conferences. As a founder of Affinity Expert, a healthcare consulting company, she has been consulting primary care providers on all aspects of CCM and its successful clinical, operational, and financial implementation. She has created a growing community of clinicians through her CCM/RPM groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where she provides free information and education to providers. She loves to give back and volunteers on multiple boards along with hands on volunteer work.

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