DOJ and OSHA guidance on COVID19 Mandatory Vaccine and Mask Policies


About Course

COVID19 cases are increasing again and the government is weighing in on mandatory vaccines and masks. This presentation will provide up-to-date information on the new OSHA & DOJ guidance as well as any other federal updates.

Mandating your staff to get vaccinated is critical in both ways legally and financially. You want to protect your practice and patients, but unless you do it right you could face huge penalties. Multiple federal and state laws are cracking down on compliance with vaccination requirements for your medical office staff, regardless of what you are vaccinating for. All it takes is one employee to complain that your immunization process infringes on their privacy or employment rights, and you’ll be faced with an expensive legal mess.


  • OSHA
  • DOJ on mandatory vaccines
  • EEOC on mandatory vaccines
  • Masks policies
  • Vaccine policies
  • COVID-19 update

What Will You Learn?

  • Employer’s obligation to keep workers safe
  • Learn about new DOJ guidance
  • Review EEOC guidance
  • What challenges have there been to the mandates
  • Review OSHA guidelines
  • Current status of CDC mandates
  • Discussion of state law

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