Telehealth and Telemedicine Updates for 2022: Coding, Billing and Compliance


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Reporting of telehealth/telemedicine services has exploded during the PHE not without concerns. There have been several government audits that have found telehealth services reported incorrectly without supporting documentation. This presentation will focus on the different types of telehealth services and documentation to support billing those services. Providers and patients have embraced using telehealth services for ongoing care. We will also look to the future of telehealth services after the pandemic ends. CMS has made some significant changes that will continue after the pandemic but many issues remain a concern for providing ongoing care for the elderly population.

Learning Objective

  • Identify required documentation to report telehealth services?
  • Identify CMS’s newly added telehealth services with a review of previously allowable telehealth services
  • Discuss the limitations of billing for new versus established patients
  • Discuss the major differences between telephone calls versus telehealth
  • Review modifiers for telehealth and their correct usage
  • Identify which offices and providers may continue to bill for telehealth services including telephone calls and how that will affect your daily operations after the pandemic

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The time frame for ending the PHE/pandemic
  • Compare previously allowed telehealth services with current telehealth services allowed during the pandemic as well as temporary telehealth services allowed by CMS
  • Documentation that must be in every telehealth and telephone call note
  • Review appropriate providers for specific services
  • Expansion of supervision guidelines during and after the pandemic
  • Reporting codes 99441-99443 versus G2012, G2252
  • How to determine a level of service for telehealth?
  • Appropriate modifiers for telehealth and telephone services

Suggested Attendees

  • Billing staff
  • Coding Staff
  • Auditors
  • Clinic Managers
  • Physician and Non-physician Practitioners
  • Insurance Company Claims Reviewers
  • Providers
  • Denial Resolution Teams
  • Office Managers

About the Presenter:

Jan Rasmussen, PCS, ACS-OB, ACS-GI, – As a health care consultant Jan has more than 35 years of experience in physician billing, reimbursement, and compliance. Jan is currently the owner of Professional Coding Solutions, a healthcare consulting firm. She has been a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) since 1992 with active membership in the American Academy of Procedural Coders (AAPC). As a member of the AAPC, Jan previously served on their Advisory Board as the liaison to the AMA, has been a speaker for the AAPC annual conference as well as contributing to the development of AAPC’s independent study and university education programs and proficiency tests. In 1994, she was honored by AAPC as Networker of the Year.  Jan was also a Regional Governor for the American College of Medical Coding Specialists (ACMCS) serving as Chair of the Ethics committee and a member of the Examination Committee.

In her role as a physician consultant, she has participated in physician coding and documentation reviews including OIG government PATH and Campus audits, designed and conducted physician coding seminars nationwide. She has been a guest speaker for several conferences sponsored by United Communications, Inc//Decision Health, AAPC as well as Coding Institute Specialty Conferences.

In previous consulting positions she was responsible for developing and conducting seminars for basic, intermediate, and advanced ICD-9-CM and CPT, teaching physician guidelines as well as special seminars for OB/Gyn, Orthopedics, Urology, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, ENT, Cardiology, Emergency Medicine and Evaluation and Management. In her role as an educator, she has been teaching E/M documentation and auditing to both physician and coding audiences since 1992 when RBRVS was first implemented.

Jan has also worked for several major health insurance payers in Wisconsin, was a coding advisor to the WPS Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee, and served as the coding and reimbursement coordinator for a 37 provider, staff model HMO clinic. As the coding and reimbursement coordinator, Jan was responsible for physician office, hospital, surgical, and nursing facility coding charge ticket development, fee development, reimbursement analysis, claims analysis, and physician education.

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