Telehealth Billing Errors: Avoid Heavy Penalties


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There have been several government audits that have found telehealth services reported incorrectly without supporting documentation. This presentation will focus on the different types of telehealth services and documentation to support billing those services. Providers and patients have embraced using telehealth services for ongoing care. We will also look to the future of telehealth services after the pandemic ends. CMS has made some significant changes that will continue after the pandemic but many issues remain a concern for providing ongoing care for the elderly population.
During this session, we will review the Telehealth documentation and coding guidelines that were implemented during the Public Health Emergency (PHE) under the CMS 1135 waiver. Many have the misunderstanding that telehealth services and encounters during the PHE are free from audits, which is not the case. We will identify how to handle variances to lessen the organization’s compliance risk.
Telehealth billing policies are constantly updated by Private payers. Join this webinar to learn the most relevant and up-to-date telehealth billing and coding rules, and also strategies to get protected from being audited.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Telehealth Documentation Guidelines
  • Telehealth Coding Guidelines
  • Compliance to payers policies
  • Audit Plan Components to be included
  • Telehealth Modifiers
  • Outpatient versus Evaluation Code
  • The time frame for ending the PHE/pandemic
  • Compare previously allowed telehealth services with current telehealth services allowed during the pandemic as well as temporary telehealth services allowed by CMS
  • Documentation that must be in every telehealth and telephone call note
  • Review appropriate providers for specific services
  • Expansion of supervision guidelines during and after the pandemic
  • Reporting codes 99441-99443 versus G2012, G2252

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand Telehealth Guidelines for Medicare
  • Understand how to review commercial payers policies regarding telehealth services
  • Review how to conduct an internal audit or request help from an outside organization to determine the level of compliance risk
  • Review steps that can be taken to handle variances
  • Understand correct use of telehealth code categories
  • Avoid common telehealth billing and coding mistakes
  • Learn to choose between outpatient versus evaluation code
  • Identify CMS’s newly added telehealth services effective 1/1/21 with a review of previously allowable telehealth services
  • Review modifiers for telehealth and their correct usage
  • Discuss the limitations of billing for new versus established patients
  • Identify which offices and providers may continue to bill for telehealth services including telephone calls and how that will affect your daily operations after the pandemic

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