Compliance and Risk in a Telehealth World


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We are in a Telehealth world but we still must stay compliant and know the guidelines and privacy Risks when performing Telehealth. There are risks with privacy for patients, providers, and insurance companies. There is also the technology implications that can also increase the risk of cyber hacking. Do you have the IT resources or landscape to host and maintain telehealth platforms? Do you understand each payer-specific guideline for technical requirements of telehealth services? Are you following state and local guidelines on who can perform and document these services?

We will guide you with payer-specific guidelines and steps to protect your patients.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  1. What is Telehealth?
  2. Telehealth before and after PHE
  3. CMS Final Rule
  4. Commercial Payer Guidelines
  5. Privacy Risks
  6. Technology Requirements
  7. Modifiers by Payer
  8. EMR Requirements
  9. Compliance and HIPAA
  10. Coding for Risk Adjustment
  11. Future of Telehealth after PHE

What Will You Learn?

  • Industry Insight into Telehealth auditing
  • Learn the proper modifiers per payer
  • Learn the technology rules for payers
  • CMS regulations and restrictions
  • Final Rule for specific specialties
  • How to protect patients privacy
  • Medical Necessity and Documentation

Course Content

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  • Webinar Link + Transcript
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