Create an Effective Preauthorization Platform


About Course

Topic involves the history of preauthorization process and understanding the importance. Diving into specific front desk procedures to effectively assist the process without a preauthorization process. Instruction on diving deep to determine the need for a process and how to staff the position. Utilization of insurance websites, portals, and the practices own management system to streamline the process. Common procedures requiring preauthorization. Common drugs and DME requiring preauthorization.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Increase in Preauthorization
  • 21 Principles
  • Navigating Insurance Portals
  • Creation of Preauthorization Platform
  • Government Involvement
  • Healthcare Coalition
  • Preauthorization Future

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn how to navigate Practice Management system
  • Learn what reports are necessary to determine need
  • Front desk staff tips to assist
  • Learn how to access individual insurances
  • Learn what procedures/Insurances require preauthorization
  • Start the process to create internal processes and procedures
  • Learn how to get staffing approval

Course Content

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