Did you know that OSHA expects all employers to classify their employees’ jobs as to risk for exposure and then address those risks? Did you know that the EEOC prohibits mandatory COVID-19 anti-body tests for return to work? Did you know that the Department of Labor has changed its definition of a healthcare worker that is exempt from paid leave for COVID-19?  Are you properly compensating your employees for pandemic-related or other non-work activities?

As the pandemic has persisted, States and the Federal government have reacted aggressively to protect the public in general and employees in particular. Government investigators are active and it only takes 1 employee complaint for them to be at your door. The penalties for non-compliance can be significant and the costs to the employer can escalate if a lawyer brings the complaint. So, it is critical that all employers remain informed and up-to-date on the legal requirements for their employment relationships.

You can join our upcoming webinar where you will get updates on the changes to the laws governing employer and employee relations and workplace requirements in this time of COVID. Participants will gain an understanding of OSHA guidelines for safe workplaces, the latest on FFCRA paid leave requirements along with general FMLA leave rules, EEOC guidance on handling ADA disability issues, and new guidance on minimum wage and overtime issues.  Attendees will be provided compliance checklists to self-audit their employment practices.

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