Chronic back pain is a very common problem in today’s world and several Americans became dependent on pain pills and frequent visits to the doctor. In some severe cases, physicians might recommend a spinal fusion. Spinal fusion is a surgical process done by combining two or more vertebrae in the backbone to help limit their mobility. This process leads to a reduction of pain caused by the movement of the vertebrae. Spinal fusion is essentially done in the lumbar section and may be efficient in the treatment of thoracic and cervical complications. Spinal fusion is commonly regarded as the Last resort and would be brought on by the patient’s neurological Injury or intense pain and insensitivity to alternative forms of treatment.

Regardless of the advantages, this medical technique can bring about, it does have some major disadvantages that make it a dangerous procedure. One of the downsides of spinal fusion is that some patients following the completion of the procedure start suffering from severe or minor headaches. Some other common conditions include temporary or permanent numbness on one side of the body, pains in the muscles in the back and nerve damage. Each one of these is after effects of spinal fusion which may easily be avoided by having its alternative, laser surgery. Typically, surgical treatments for the backbone had been invasive thus resulting in collateral damages to healthful tissues.

Often times this has led to future complications leading to further treatments and multiple surgeries. For individuals suffering from chronic back pain and those dependent on pain pills along with other therapies like injections, the use of laser surgery should be thought about. This revolutionary new medical procedure is basically non-invasive and creates an incision less than the width of a dime. Rather than utilizing a scalpel to cut the herniated tissues, a precise laser beam is utilized to cut the tissues by evaporating those with high humidity content. This precise process leads to less bleeding and surrounding damage to the tissues.

The procedure is invasive, almost superficial resulting in a quick recovery time of around 3 days instead of months for a typical surgery like spinal fusion. The typical spinal fusion procedure involves drilling your vertebral column to make holes for use in immobilizing the vertebrae and can involve implanting an artificial disk or support screws. The resulting injury to the surrounding area can frequently create intense pain and can subsequently lead to a weakened vertebral column, in several cases confining one to a wheelchair. And on the other hand, with laser surgery, there are no holes drilled on the backbone, and healthy tissues aren’t damaged as the disc is repaired, not removed. This superior process leads to a rapid recovery and the pain would be considerably less.

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